Thursday, September 29, 2005

Broken Windows - Tidy Kitchen...

In one of my favourite books, the Pramatic Programmer, the authors Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas use the Broken Window Theory to illustrate the importance of fixing small problems in code before they become bigger ones.

Just this week I noticed how messy and cluttered our under-sized kitchen was becoming. We are struggling through a difficult time at work, hunting for some capital to get our operation rolling as it should be. Anyway, the kitchen was getting more and more cluttered, people were leaving plates out, dirty bowls in the sink - no-one seemed to care.

I spent about 15 minutes cleaning it up, putting stuff away, and generally removing clutter. I returned this morning to find the kitchen twice as clean as I had left it. More things had been moved away to cupboards. Some people had taken there old container home! Things looked cleaner. Wow - it really works.

Now - if only someone would clean the tea-towel! :-(