Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've always relied on the kindness of strangers...

How generous are some people when it comes to helping out on newsgroups and forums? I know this is far from a new phenomenon, but just this week I have had a real curly problem solved by a helpful soul, on the Microsoft, .Net newsgroups.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy, that a complete stranger, would read my post and take the time to respond, not once, but twice, and help me resolve a strange issue I feared I might have been stuck with for a long time.

Now the point that was made was possibly common knowledge to many, but it wasn't to me. That's the point I guess, and now it is common knowledge to me...

So thanks to "Joanna Carter from TeamB" - whoever she may be, for helping me out over on the .Net general newsgroup and also the Microsoft MVP who replied to the same question in a .Net Development Center forum. And if you've ever helped out an anonymous fellow developer in need - thankyou, on their behalf.

If you've been helped yourself, and possibly posted in multiple places, I think it is important to return to those open posts, close them off with a link back to the solution. How frustrating is, Googling for a solution to a real tough problem, only to find a post somewhere obscure that describes exactly the problem you're having, only to find a followup post from the same guy saying - "thanks anyway, solved it now..." Aaaarrghh!

Now I'm off to troll the newsgroups and forums, for a question easy enough for me to answer - just to give a bit back - the problem is, most people don't need to ask, what ever it is I can help with... :-(