Thursday, July 27, 2006

A pleasant surprise

In just over a week we are all (the family - my wife and two boys) heading off to New Zealand for 10 hectic days and nights catching up with familty and friends.

We just purchased a portable DVD player - quite a bargain as we were able to buy at cost price through my cousin, who works for a electronics retailer - anyway, we bought the DVD player for the kids on the plain and as we drive around the north island of New Zealand.

Something I hadn't even thought about though was the MP3 playing capabilities of these devices. For the past month or so, I have been downloading podcasts (I.T. related) to play on my 3 hour round trip to and from the office every day. It's been a great and productive way to spend the time, but it does take a lot of effort downloading, then using Windows Media player to burn the MP3 files to CD - converting them to audio files that will play in the portable CD player I have in the car. Not to mention the AA bateries I've been burning because the AC adapter for the car won't fit in the confined space available in my car.

So what a bonus with this new DVD player. Not only does the car adapter fit my car, saving me batteries, but I just burned all 49 podcasts I've downloaded so far, and used about a third the capacity of a DVD. Previously I'd burnt and entire CD case full of CDs and not burnt all the shows I'd download - very cool!