Monday, August 21, 2006

Google Word Processor.

If you're reading this post, then I've just managed to register for, edit and save, then post, from Google's new word processing offering - "Writely".

Like their spreadsheet, offering, it's nice and clean, very typically Google. I am still wondering how much use I can put this to. Do I really need all my documents online? I guess it could be useful, for consultants, working for themselves and getting around to various clients, to be able to access documentation, spreadsheets etc, from one central point, from their clients site. No need for joining notebooks to all these different domains which usually takes longer, jumping through all the required security h

oops and what have you, than the time you actually need access to that printer, or document or whatever. So access from anywhere would be an upside, no access when the Internet connection goes away, would be an obvious downside though.

Like anything, this will have it's place among my toolset. Will it cause me one more sychronisation headache? Will I now need a better solution to the "documents all over the place" debacle - probably. That takes viglience to avoid anyway - how bad can adding another tool to the mix, especially one this cool, really be?