Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Day in...

One Day in to my new job and it really is quite an exciting opportunity. The small team here has been fighting the battles that you'd expect, manging customer's (and management's) expectations, controlling requirements, building and deploying products.

The most important thing I have noticed already is a lot of common sense and customer focus. Many of the ideas I can introduce have already been thought of, but no-one has had the time to implement anything. It is really well set up for an Agile approach. A few of the basic techniques such as some iteration planning (actually some iterations) automating some builds, involving the customers (and managers) more, daily standups to improve communication and focus, and some general requirements analysis should work wonders.

Speeding up the iterations will be a big priority too, because they seem to suffer from endless scope creep, mainly due, I suspect to the fact the builds are such a major operation that no-one wants to wait around for the next one, to get their new feature or fix in. Priorities are set by the rule, can this wait for several months or not! If that was a 2 week wait, I think the mindset around priority setting will change...let's see.

Today I've got a requirements tracking system to install and reports to write.