Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Secrets of great management - Johanna Rothman

I mentioned in my previous post how I shall shortly be changing jobs - this week I've decided to focus as much as I can on how to implement Agile well. I'm moving to a team that is doing great work but sounds like it needs a bit of what Agile has to offer.

I found this Podcast which covers exactly this topic perfectly. Roy Osherove interviews Johanna Rothman - a co-author of "Behind Closed Doors". The topic was spot on for me, Johanna is pationate about it and has some amazing experiences to recall, and Roy has a knack of asking just the right questions - he manages to ask, on more than one occassion, exactly what I was screaming at the MP3 player in the car - "...but ask about this...". Great stuff!

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