Saturday, October 21, 2006

Zucchini IVF

Did you know you could artificially insemminate Zucchini's? I am what could be described as a hobby gardening novice. I plent stuff, I water it, when I can, and I get a kick out of eating what grows in my vegie garden. Last year I grew a feww zucchini plants and was chuffed to eat a few fruits. I heard the other day that you should give your zucchini's a hand by "hand pollinating" - a job the bees should do for you.

It turns out this is not exactly true - you should only need to do this, if you have some problems with only a little fruit. My vegie patch does okay for attracking bees, so I should be fine, but I am keeping this in mind, should my crop be light on this year.