Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google search results: 19 pages in 5 days

Last Friday, I started researching just how to improve our Page Rank, or more specifically, position in search results at work. Our product, an Estimating and Accounting Software Package for builders, turned up, 19 pages deep in the Google search results, and that link was to a 3 year old PDF file that was completely obsolete.

I found a podcast on IT Converstations that helped a bit, and read some responses on StackOverflow (my new all time favourite web site) and got to work, fixing page titles, keywords etc, submitting a site map to Google and registering for indexing.

5 days later, Constructor, is the second search result for a test phrase "Estimating and Account Software for Builders" and first result for "Pages within Australia". 

Pretty happy about that! We've just started planning how to add better content and really get this site working for us much better, but now, I feel it is incredibly achievable - before I must confess, I wondered if a little ol' company like ours, could actually be that prominant. Of course all the literature say so...turns out, it was right!