Friday, January 02, 2009

Buying tickets online versus over the counter

Yesterday I had cause to purchase one adult general admission ticket for the upcoming Twenty20 cricket match at Skilled Stadium. (Why? - Well my Milo In2Cricket group of kids is lucky enough to be taking part in the pre-game entertainment.)

Anyway, as co-ordinator I receive a ticket as does Kieren being a participant. Toby, being under 6 yrs old, is admitted free of charge, so Rachel needs a general admission ticket only.

Aynway, while I seriously doubt this match will be a sell out, I thought it best to purchase a ticket ahead of time to ensure Rachel doesn't miss out.

I went to the TicketMaster web site looking to purchase my one general admission ticket. While all signage for the game say "adults $15" TicketMaster are charging $18.30?? Ah well, I can live with that. Then, as I proceed through the process, opting for the "print it myself" option I notice another $5.00 handling fee! A handling fee, for choosing precisely the option where nobody other than myself, has to handle anything! And $5. That's not 50c. That's $5. So to buy online from TicketMaster would amount to $23.30. ($8.30 more expensive than buying at the gate.)

That's annoying. Now for the stupid part. I bailed out of this online purchase and drove into Myer, Geelong the next day where I purchased tickets over the counter. This process involved a few minutes of a TicketMaster employee's time, printing on their preprinted ticket stationery, they even tucked my ticket safely away in one of their own envelopes...guess what, after all that handling, no handling fee!

Just plain stupid!