Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iritis back again

The iritis is back again - left eye this time. 

Thankfully, the referral to the eye specialist, from last July was still valid and I could just call and make an appointment. I was able to get straight in this morning.

The doctor has suggested that an indefinate referral from my G.P. for this condition may now be in order. I'll request that next time.

I also left things a little too long this time. I noticed a bit of an ache in the "top left corner" of the eye over the weekend, in bright light, but the usual "focussing up close" test didn't cause any hassle so I left it, hoping it would go away. Yesterday, things were a little cloudy which worried me and by last night, the ache was back. 

The doctor was a little alarmed as the "stickiness" of the pupil was a little worse than normal. 

Anyway, I'm now armed with eye drops and preparing to be hopelessly short sighted for a week or so. (As well as sensative to light as the Atropin opens up the pupil - which is not great considering we are experiencing our hottest week in 100 years in Geelong, temperatures over 40 C, every day.)

My eye specialist is now generously, bulk billing his customers (long term ones anyway). This means I don't pay anything, only the fee that is covered by govenrment health care, and this part is claimed directly form Medicare. His very ultruistic approach is that he would rather fix peoples eyes, than see permanent damage done, because people were hesitant to make appointments because of the cost. I guess he's done very well for himself out of the industry and is now giving back. Not that he'll struggle to make ends meet on the subsidised portion of the fee he is still recieving mind you. 

I was amazed to realise I have been visiting the same eye specialist, regarding Iritis for nearly 25 years now! He still has the same little yellow envelope, stuffed with A5 size cards, with notes scribbled on them detailing every visit I've ever made. These cards record my life history! Mixed in with the diagrams of my eyes, pupils, infected cells etc, are notes about my family life, jobs, schooling etc. Who needs a computer?