Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camping Trip #1

Well we've finally done it!

Last weekend we packed up the tent, the BBQ, all our brand new ta
bles, gas cooker, air mattresses, kids, etc and headed off for a couple of nights "camping".

I'm told staying at a "Big 4" caravan park in

Ballarat is not "camping" as such, but when you've never really pitched a tent in anger before, that will do.

Everything went pretty well all things considered. 

Not much sleep was had on
night #1, thanks mainly to noise rather than comfort. Being fairly close to a highway, a stones throw from some form of night club / reception centre, or some facility playing music and breaking glass to the wee small hours, and having some fairly talkative tent neighbours, meant we slept very lightly on that first, Saturday night. 

Thankfully, night two was a little quieter, and as we were so tired by then, more sleep was had.

It certainly didn't bother the kids though, thankfully.

The little portable gas BBQ worked over time. I resorted to instant coffee in the mornings and we survived, dare I say it, even enjoyed it at times.

So, our Easter holiday in our tent at Port Fairy (also a Big 4) is still on, and after that, who knows what?

The camp site...

The all important food cooking geat...

Ballarat Wildlife Park...