Monday, April 27, 2009

Interesting Mobile Phone bill

I just checked our first mobile phone invoice from 3 Mobile ( Interesting.

Two numbers are linked to one account. There is a $19 cap on each phone.

On the first phone, the monthly spend was $19.25. There was a 25c cap limit discount, making the total $19. So far so good. 

On the second phone, the monthly spend was $16.65 plus a "Minimum spend not reached" charge of $1.45. 

No complaints at all about the account, service or anything. It just strikes me as very strange, that we have two phones, one received a discount for exceeding the cap, the other incurred a fee for not reaching the cap.

Interesting concepts, looks like I need to spend as  much as I can, in order to get more discount and avoid those nasty charges...