Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camping Trip #2 - Port Fairy at Easter

Now this is the one we've been waiting for. 

I say it every year but I do love the Easter br
eak. This year we extended things a bit and took the Thursday before Easter and the Tuesday after Easter off work and headed back to the Port Fairy Big 4 caravan park, this year, with our trailer in tow, chocked full of fold up chairs and tables, portable BBQ and cooker and of course, the new 3 room tent.

Things went well too, although we were blessed with great weather. Like last year, the 24 hours after we left, saw huge down poors and gail force winds. It's only a matter of time until we're caught in one of these but so far so good.

We did learn a valuable lesson about the effects to very cold air (that is basically most nights in April when the days are so clear and cloud free) on air mattresses. The air in those mattresses, naturally enough, stays at the same temparature as that cooling air. So each night saw us adding blankets, not on top of us, but underneath us. So, the air mattresses will be re-evaluated before next time. All in all though, a fairly positive experience. We do need to be better prepared for a down turn in weather though. We're going to get some wind and rain eventually.

We ate well - BBQs all the time naturally. The kids disappeared on their bikes, to the game room, jumping pillow and so on, and we pretty much, sat, drank, did some puzzles, and drank.
For camping purests of cause, this is not camping. We were
 about 80 metres from a fairly decent 
toilet block, and if the weather did turn ugly, there was always the camp kitchen, complete with open fire, microwave and TV set! But for us this was a big step. We stayed alongside our friends Ian and Justine (with 3 kids) who do quite a bit of caravaning, and assured us that this particular Big $ caravan park is one of the most comfortable and well run they've ever seen. The camp site are a good size, beautiful grass coverage, plenty to do for the kids and the people that manage the park are awesome. They're alway friendly and always remember your name, day to day but also from one year to the next. That's impressive and so effective. I can highly recommend a stay at the Port Fairy Big 4 caravan park, but I think they're alway pretty full at Easter.

They hold a bike parade on the Easter Sunday morning where all the kids congregate on bikes and follow the Easter bunny around the park - riding his moped of course.

We took a trip into Warrnambool, to visit the Adventure Playground there where the kids had a ball, and Ian and I even managed a game of golf, joining up with another friend 
who was camping across at the other camp ground in Port Fairy. The Port Fairy course is really nice. Quickish greens, tightly knitted fairway on which you'll always get a good lye (or so I'm told but not so much in the rough). Again, if you're passing through and have your sticks, make this a must.

So we've booked again for next year and with some slightly better bedding, we're hoping to improve on the whole experience - weather permitting.