Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are Geelong, the Greatest Team of All

At the end of what could just be the greatest day of all, I'm sitting here sipping a Baileys and trying to find a way to savor the feeling of watching (for the third time today) the Grand Final replay.

Geelong have just beaten St Kilda for the 2009 premiership. Geelong are premiers for the second time in three years. It is still surreal. I hate that word, but that best describes what I feel. The game was so close all the way. Like Geelong last year, St Kilda probably deserved to be premiers this year, as they did so well all year. But it's all about being there at the end, being ready, and being in a position to win the flag. And Geelong were. Their players are so tough and so professional, but there's so much more than that now-a-days. The professionalism you need extends beyond the players, to the coach staff (Collingwood sacked a midfield coach before the finals and fell away immediately) and fitness staff (Geelong were trained to the minute!) and so much more. Geelong defined this a couple of years ago, and now, no one can take away from us, two premierships in three years. At times, I never thought I'd see one at all. In 2007, I saw a record breaking win. I knew we were a great side, but something inside me said "Well at least I've seen my side win a Premiership". Well today, I saw us become a champion side for the ages!

From now on Geelong have to be rated with the Brisbane, North Melbourne and Hawthorn sides of the past 20 years. I was a member during this time, and I'm bloody proud to be a Geelong-ite in '09.

I'm imploring the boys to remember this. If it takes another 44 years, it will be 2053 until they win another. Kieren would be in his 50's and I'll be a sprightly 83. Who knows? At least, I've seen a couple now, and I'll be off to Kardinia Park tomorrow for another Geelong premiership family day with Rachel and the boys.

It doesn't get any better than this!