Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We've been "toing and froing" lately regarding the "buy vs build" question. I think we've been secretly hoping for the perfect house to land in our laps, and given our budget it would probably have to be about $20K or $30K under priced. In fact we did find one almost perfect house, and
as expected, our offer was about $20K too low.

So last Sunday, after trolling through the display village a the Quay
estate in Torquay and pouring over the land releases therein, we took the plunge and put down a holding fee on one of the blocks there. The rest of the deposit will be paid later in the week and come the end of November, we ought to be land owners...then the fun begins as we start the building process. This probably won't happen until next March.

We also have our eye on one of the display homes in the estate which we would like to build
so now, discussions begin with Porter Davis, as we try to get our heads around "extras", "as displayed" and any other traps for new players that threaten to turn the whole exercise to custard.

Here's a couple of pics, for prosterity...

Kieren and Toby "playing in the park" opposite our place - across Anchor Lane

Our block: corner of Anchor Lane and Offshore Drive

Toby and Kieren in front of the new block.