Monday, February 15, 2010

How does this "Help"?

I'm installing SQL Server 2008 on a new PC today. I decided to actually spend a bit of time making sure I install all the features I want, and only the features I want.

So, what's this "Client Tools Backwards Compatibility" feature I see? Sounds to me like an educated guess might be, that it ensures I can open SQL 2005 databases with Management Studio - something like that??

Well there is this little frame to the right that seems to give some details of each feature as you click on I'll click on "Client Tools Backwards Compatibility"...what does it tell me? Hmmm, it tells me that the feature is...... "Client Tools Backwards Compatibility", take a bow whoever added that helpful description in the details frame...

Not to worry, there's a help button on that installer dialog, I'll click mention of "Client Tools Backwards Compatiblity" in there.

Off to Google I go (well it's a brand new PC so "Bing" is still the default search engine...not for long. Search for "Client Tools Backwards Compatibility"... a few results down show me this, a forum on Microsoft's own site, with a closed issue from 8 months ago, where the SQL Server 2008 Education Lead reassures us that the SQL Features documentation has all been updated. Fabulous. Issue closed.


update: This post provides a fairly useful answer to the "Client Tools Backwards Compatibility" feature - apparently something to do with being able to access or convert old DTS packages, from earlier versions of SQL Server. (Think I'll leave it out as I haven't looked at a DTS package since 2003.)