Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rose coloured glasses

It's fun to watch kids running around in the backyard (or lounge room as the case may be) emulating their current sporting idols in imaginary games. Currently at our place it's AFL football, but that will soon be replaced with backyard Test Matches.

As you grow up you never really fully let go of the notion that you could've probably succeeded at this sport or that sport, if you'd really put the time in it. The harsh truth about the vast gap between your average weekend hacker and an elite sportsman really hits home when you actually try to hit that golf ball, kick that football, bowl that cricket ball or server that tennis ball.

At this point the conversation between a group of 30 or 40 something guys who now can't kick a football over 30 metres tends to go down the lines of, "well, they're full time athletes, no wonder they're so good...".

It makes me think - what do I do full time?