Monday, January 19, 2015

Day -118 (and Day 1)

Today is Day +1 of the #YourTurn challenge is also Day -118 of the #HelwigsInUSA - something I've just started to go a little bit public with and something which is really in the forefront of our collective minds at our place right now.

When you've been telling yourself for months  years the importance of regular posting and content, and failing or succumbing to the Lizard Brain for just as long, then Seth Godin calls you out in such a blatant (how dare he see inside my head) way, you cannot shy away.

So here we are, Day 1 on the #YourTurn challenge and Day -118 of our great family adventure of 2015. We've been planning our US trip for a few months and finally settled on something affordable and yet still totally exciting for the four of us. We'll be at Disneyland, LA, and Hawaii this May! The kids can't wait for Disneyland, the grown ups are quietly looking forward to the Maui resort for those last 7 days.

I'm now working through the best ways to document our adventure. With the plethora of social media options available, I want to spend the time to get this right. I don't want to flood my friends' news feeds with show off pictures of us at Disneyland etc, but I do want to update them just a little.  I don't want to hide everything we do away in my DropBox folder either. I'm searching for that easy balance between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and simply storing all the photos and thoughts somewhere, for my own person record.

I don't want my the recording of the holiday to take over from the enjoyment of the holiday, but I do want to stay a bit "social" while we're away. The regime will need to be easy to follow on the run, mobile, remote, whatever, and thorough enough for my own personal enjoyment, years from now. My current way of thinking on this is daily blog posts (travel journal) all photos to Drop Box folder, every two or three days, a highlight photo post to Facebook. Then, using IFTTT, automatically Tweet all Facebook posts and automatically "Instagram" all Facebook photo posts...

Of course, I'll also need to have developed some really good, regular posting habits, so thanks Seth and Winnie for the #YourTurn challenge and bring on May.