Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Little Golden Book

When I was a really young boy, I loved a "Little Golden Book" called "Danny Beaver's Secret". No-one wanted to help Danny build his pool; "too hot, too tired, too busy, you'll never do it." In the end, when summer came, they were all happy to swim in it though....

I would ask my Dad to read it to me every night, night after night after night. One night at about the age of 2 or 3, he found me "reading" it to myself, the way plenty of kids that age manage to do, completely by rote, turning the pages at pretty much the right time, reciting my beloved story - that's how well I knew it.

It's so easy to be negative. It's so easy to say, "that will never happen" or "you can never do that..." and is it ironic and pessimistic of me to say you will probably be right, most of the time.

What a downer of a meeting I've just come from, hearing team members scoff when you bring up dates that you're planning to release things by. And if I'm completely honest, they've probably just acquired these negative (realist as they like to call it) attitudes over years and years of being let down by over optimistic schedules and grandiose plans.

Right now I feel a bit like Danny Beaver - I'm drawing close to the end of a mega-development project that will be the springboard to the next 10 years at this company - many think it's never going to happen, but I bet they will all "be around for a swim" later this year, when it does! So like Danny, I will not give up, and when I'm done, I'll welcome everyone in!