Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#HelwigsInUSA: Day -81

So it's 81 days out from the great USA family holiday of 2015, and for the last couple of nights I've been browsing the web, checking out the location of the hotel we'll be staying at in LA (Anaheim - Hyatt Regency Orange County) on Google Maps. What a fantastic way that is to get your bearing. With street view, it's like we've been there to check it out already, until that is, we actually do get there. The resort we're staying at in Hawaii (Honua Kai - https://www.facebook.com/HonuaKaiResort - @HanuaKai) looks awesome - can't wait for that leg of the trip.

Tonight has been Disneyland ticket price research night. Looks like we'll be settling for a 2 days, hopper pass allowing us to jump between both the Disneyland Park and the Disney Adventure Park, for 2 complete days. I think we'll need every minute, but the budget doesn't really allow for any longer. I hope the feet, legs, and kids patience can hold out that long.

Rach has also touched base with an old QCBB friend, who is playing in Vegas - a Bee Gees tribute show. Free tickets are being arranged and a night in Vegas is now on the itinerary.