Monday, July 31, 2006

Billy Joel tickets - but events were conspiring against me

Billy Joel tickets went on sale here in Melbourne at 9.00 am this morning. Not a concert many would imagine would be hard to get hold of, but guess again. It took me 36 minutes but not without the rest of the world conspiring against me.

It all started last Friday night. The ongoing construction here at work, meant the power was going to be out for some time of the weekend. Due to the fact that we have no production systems yet (are still desperately chasing the last ounce of start up capital required) we decided that rather than push our backup power supplies to the limit, and most likely beyond, we'd simply shut down the servers for the weekend - no undue duress on any users - simple stuff. I would arrive earlyish Monday, which I usually do anyway and get things rolling and there would be zero impact. My network administrator is going to be in late, but no major hassles - until that is, an inbound accident on the West Gate Bridge, had two of the four lanes closed and traffic backed up about 35 kms out of the city. A 20 mintue trip on a normal day was now reading 89 minutes on the traffic indicators! This puts me at the office, another 15 minutes beyond where the traffic indicator was pointing, by after 9.00am - still with no servers, and worse, no Billy Joel tickets.

The news improved a bit though, as the traffic seemed to lift a little, as a result of clearing the accident I guess, and I arrived around 8:45am. Servers came up no worries, but both phone lines and web site at Ticketek were inundated. After much retrying, and managing to lock my network account after authenticating incorrectly to our internet proxy server three times (D'Oh!!) I snaffled some tickets in what might as well be the light towers outside by about 9.36am. This will be my 5th Billy Joel concert - I can hardly wait.